CHOQUEQUIRAO CABLE CAR, WHAT‘S TRUE. “Step by step, soft softly…”

The first stage of the consultancy has just finished.

“Consorcio Choquequirao”, through one of its partners “Cotinex sa”, has concluded the study and delivered it, in the middle of May 2019, to its contractors MinCeTur and ProInversión.

It is not time to share information about the file that lies in the hands of Mincetur and Proinversion: as cable car will be articulated, where the central stations and the starting platforms will be located, which roads will be opened and other interesting details.

How I said in previous posts, exist hostile people who constantly strike the proyect and will not be me that give them info about it. The “country risk” is always present, look what happened to the Calca cable car, with the construction works about to begin.

It is very comforting to find out that, just yesterday, Peruvian Government has approved a Law (n °. 30950) dedicated to Choquequirao; it will certainly be helpful for cable car project, facing possible negative events that can arise.

Well, we see what should be coming now, to continue the process of the Choquequirao cable car. Once the technical profile will be approved, it starts the second phase, where the Consortium, through another of its partners, “TP Invest sac”, will structure the financial part, concerning the reciprocal investments that Government and private Company will carry out under modality of APP (Public-Private Partnership). Also, it will be identify other investments for being made by local governments.

Supposedly at the end of this year 2019, the public bid will be opened to choose the Company or Consortium destined to sign the contract with Proinversión, which will turn them into the investors, builders and concessionars, of the Choquequirao cable cars.

…it will continue

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