CHOQUEQUIRAO CABLE CAR, WHAT‘S TRUE. “There is no peace for Choquequirao”

While we wait for January 31, 2018, day in which Proinversión will announce the name of the winning Company of the public bid “Improvement of public tourist services of the Archaeological Park of Choquequirao”, anomalous land purchases are recorded in Marampata area.


Located on the right bank of the Apurímac River, Marampata belongs to the Cusco region and it is an intangible área; it is located in the Regional Conservation Area and Archaeological Park, being the closest cushioning zone to the Inca Complex of Choquequirao.

In Marampata hamlet, totally rustic, are living few peasant families who, with the approval of the Park’s management, have specialized in offering to the hikers some basic tourism services: we think it is excellent and would be necesary help them to improve their activities.

choquequirao cable car

(Beautiful picture of a Marampata peasant trader, by Mark Rowland)


The alarming affair is that a part of these settlers are in the process of selling their land to tourist companies who are buying with the obvious purpose of building more modern structures.

We have always reiterated that Choquequirao does not develop adequately due to lack of formal and qualified tourist services, but in this case we are perplexed and worried: in addition to violating the intangibility of the Archaeological Park of Choquequirao and its principle of authority, a population growth in this area would result in a serious environmental impact.

Probably these companies are betting that the arrival station of the future Choquequirao cable car could be there. Frankly, we believe it unlikely, being Marampata two hours walk far from Choquequirao; each way, they will put pressure on the consulting company, trying to affect the free development of the specialized consultancy.

Finally, we think that boundary disputes will be accentuated, being Marampata a border area between the districts of Santa Teresa (The Convention) and Mollepata (Anta) (see previous post).


For now, we can only exhort the Park Management to be very careful with granting permits and recommend them to dictate strict building parameters, firmly inspecting any eventual construction work in the area.

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