CHOQUEQUIRAO CABLE CAR, WHAT‘S TRUE. “Choquequirao cable car first plan and its halt”

A popular saying says, “you must wash the dirty rags in family” but informations about an international tourist destinations, such as Choquequirao, are of public domain.

In 2011, the neo-elected regional presidents of Apurímac (Elías Segovia Ruiz) and Cusco (Jorge Acurio Tito) thought of building a cable car in Choquequirao: providing adequate accessibility conditions and integrating Choquequirao with nearby tourist destinations such as Salcantay and Machu Picchu, a tourist circuit would have been created between the two regions of Cusco and Apurímac.

This political will was concretized through a “bi-regional agreement” signed on August 10 in “Villa los Loros lodge” (Huanipaca), where a reception was held.

Subsequently, the regional authorities presented the project to the President of the Republic (Ollanta Humala Tasso), who was enthusiastic and approved the plan.

The regional government of Apurímac took charge of the feasibility study, empowering the Ministry of “Housing, Construction and Sanitation” to request the incorporation of the Choquequirao cable car project into the PROINVERSIÓN projects portfolio.

In September 2013, was declared the feasibility of the Public Investment Project ”Installation of cable access services to Choquequirao, between Kiuñalla locality, Huanipaca district, Abancay province, Apurímac department, and locality of Yanama, district of Santa Teresa, province of La Convención, department of Cusco.”

One year later, in September 2014, the public bid was announced by Proinversión: the project consisted of the design, financing, construction, equipment, operation and maintenance of a cable car, as well as the departure and arrival stations.

The cable car length would have been of 3.3 miles, crossing the Apurímac canyon to more than 4,000 feet high and carrying 50 passengers per cabin. The start of work was scheduled for July 2015 and its completion in 2016, with an estimated investment of 179.5 million of nuevos soles.

But, while the regional government of Apurímac and the national government of Peru were promoting the Choquequirao cable car project, countermeasures were being planned in Cusco.

Jorge Acurio Tito had been disqualified from his office (for being guilty of corruption when he was a resident of a construction in Calca town) and now the Cusco región in charge president (René Concha Lezama, invested in January 2014), pressed by the provinces of Anta and La Convención, showed a very different attitude from his predecessor.

He declared that there had been political interests in this affair, that he did not understand how the permits were issued and finally, if the region of Apurímac would the cable car to Cusco territory, the Government would have had to build other two cable cars in the Cusco region, one for Mollepata and another for Yanama (Santa Teresa).

The absence of answers from the Government encouraged the people of Cusco to establish a technical Commission composed of professionals from Cusco, Mollepata and Santa Teresa to evaluate the case; in June 2014 the Commission concluded its analysis with a predictable strike: “Choquequirao cable car project is an attack against the sacred interests of Cusco!

The opinion of the Commission, the prolonged silence of the Government and the project public bidding approximate, were the trigger that armed with pen the hand of Eulogio Uscamayta, mayor of the same town (Anta) that, in parallel, was disputing to the neighboring district of Santa Teresa the jurisdictional possession of the Archaeological Complex of Choquequirao.

On October 15, the Anta Court notified a resolution about the precautionary process opened by Mayor of Anta against ProInversión and Apurímac Regional Government.

On October 19, 2014, with two weeks to close the bidding, in compliance with the order of the First Mixed Court of Anta of the Superior Court of Justice of Cusco, the concession of the Choquequirao Cable car project was suspended, staying judicially paralyzed until further notice.

choquequirao cable car

…to be continued


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