Choquequirao cable car, what’s true.

Currently, as we all know, Choquequirao can only be reached on foot, through one of the most demanding trekking in the Cusco region.

Getting in vía Huanipaca, or vía Cachora, a long walk awaits the travelers.

Not everyone can access the archaeological monument; that is why Choquequirao receives only about 6000 tourists a year, mostly concentrated in the months of May to November, a season where there is no rain.

Some people think this is the best you can wish for: a wonderful adventure and an Inca citadel (Choquequirao) that is your own Machu Picchu, which is totally crowded and almost for being declared “heritage in danger” by UNESCO.

Those who do not enjoy trekking, older, less athletic or, perhaps, with young children, are waiting to visit Choquequirao when a cable car system will work there, as Peruvian government promised.

Really, peruvian government is dragging the Choquequirao cable car project for years and there are people who believe that the project will never run and others that believe that it will.

But…what about the real state of the Choquequirao cable car project?

…to be continued in the next post